The End Zone with Ahmad Rashad! #NFLWeek #Guestie

Seema_Style_Ahmad_CoverNFL Week is going out with a bang, with my bestie and #guestie Mr. Ahmad Rashad!

Ahmad is an amazing sportscaster, a former professional football player and a golf fanatic.  My sister, Nisha, and I met Ahmad in 2005 at a Charity Golf Tournament in New York, we have been golfing and giggling since the day we met!

Ahmad’s football position is the Wide Receiver, and he has played for NFL Teams like The Buffalo Bills and the Minnesota Vikings, where he earned 4 Pro Bowl selections.

Nisha and I remember Ahmad from NBA’s Inside Stuff, an early 90’s Saturday morning teen-targeted television show that aired right before Saved By The Bell!

 Ahmad Fun Fact #1:  Ahmad graduated from the University of Oregon, and is in the College Football Hall of Fame on May 9, 2007

SEEMA STYLE: What is your favorite brand/brands to wear when you are golfing?

AHMAD RASHAD:  I am a big fan of the Nike Tiger Woods brand, he designs a great athletic fit and has great colors. When it comes to wearing pants I like Peter Millar. I also like to wear a lot of  bright colors when I play golf.

SEEMA STYLE: Do you have a favorite golf accessory that you always use when you are on the golf course?

Ahmad_SeemaAHMAD RASHAD:  Yes, a special friend of mine named Seema gave me this Credit Card ball marker that I use every time I tee it up, it is my favorite my ball marker!

SEEMA STYLE: Oh you are to kind! It is a super cute ball marker! How did football become a passion of yours?

AHMAD RASHAD:  I was very fortunate to realize that football was a  passion of mine and was important and early age. It wasn’t the fact that I liked football because I really enjoyed doing other activities like reading, traveling, it just happened to be one of my passions that I could take advantage of, go to college, get a good education and make career out of the game. Since, the game has still till today given be several opportunities like broadcasting, traveling and meeting people. I am a big believer you need to be passionate about a lot of things you enjoy. I don’t do anything that I am not passionate about.

Ahmad Fun Fact #2:  All-American running back and wide receiver from University of Oregon.  He was the fourth overall pick in the 1972 NFL Draft, by the St. Louis Cardinals.

SEEMA STYLE: How did you get into golf?

AHMAD RASHAD: I had a lot of friends that played. I played tennis first, had a knee replacement and started playing more golf. It wasn’t love at first site, golf is not an easy game, but I can say it turned out to be the best game that I have been involved in my entire life. Golf is the first game that I played and encompassed that made me a great athlete and mentally made me stronger. I enjoy the fact that this game can last for your entire life and that you have to persevere through. When you start to play really poorly you have to learn to play your way out of it, just like life. This game reveals if you are a winner or a loser.

SEEMA STYLE: What do you find is the difference between golf and football?

AHMAD RASHAD: Mentally there is not much difference because its all about confidence. winning is about confidence. The reason Tiger and I can sit down and I can talk about winning. There is not a big difference. It’s about how do you prepare to win.

SEEMA STYLE: What was your most memorable moment in your NFL career?

AHMAD RASHAD:  There is a lot of them. Most people remember in 1980 when we beat Cleveland in the Met Stadium and that was one of my most memorable moments.


SEEMA STYLE: Being a superstar athlete, how much time, hard work and dedication did you put into your football career?

AHMAD RASHAD:  I think the passion fueled my work, I’ve always been the person to prepare for the best. Then I would go home for dinner and relax, it didn’t engulf my entire life. The lessons that I learned on discipline and desire those qualities I took to other parts of my life. You have to enjoy life. Life is so grand and you have to learn to have balance. Football was one of the other ways I enjoyed myself.  When I retired, I never missed it, it gave me more time to do more stuff.

SEEMA STYLE:  What’s is your idea of the perfect date?

Seema_Style_Ahmad_SelfieAHMAD RASHAD:  I would say that it would have to include at least 3 belly laughs!  I like a woman that makes me laugh and can tell jokes and fell comfortable doing it.  My favorite restaurant is Il Malino’s in New York City, that to me is the perfect date setting.

SEEMA STYLE:  What is your favorite artist and song?

AHMAD RASHAD:  Carlos Santa – Jingle

SEEMA STYLE: Who would you choose to play in your dream golf foursome?

AHMAD RASHAD:  Barak Obama, Michael Jordan & Tiger Woods.  I got to say, I really like playing with Wayne Gretzky too.  I’d like to play in a 5-some, but I think we would all play fast… (laughs)

SEEMA STYLE:  If you could give advice to an up and coming athlete what would it be?

AHMAD RASHAD:  Follow your passion.

Thank you Ahmad for your advice and thoughts!  You are the best~ Big hugs and I can’t wait to see you soon:)

Xo, Seema

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