Winning with Takeo Spikes #Guestie #Fab

Seema_Style_Takeo_SpikesNFL Week has been so much  fun!  Today, I have a special friend and

Takeo is a Linebacker and played his college ball at the #Amazing Auburn University!  After graduating and helping build a strong Football program at  Auburn University, Takeo was the 13th overall NFL first round draft pick in 1998 to The Cincinnati Bengals.

He has notably been a strong player in the NFL over the years. Takeo s a two-time Pro Bowl selection and a two-time All-Pro!

TAKEO FUN FACT #1:  Takeo’s nickname is “TKO”, which stands for “The Knock Out”! He is also named after Japan’s 66th Prime Minister “Takeo Miki”.

Takeo has also played for the Buffalo Bills, Philadelphia Eagles, San Francisco 49ers, and San Diego Chargers.  His stories and experiences are amazing, let’s chat with Takeo about everything that makes him fabulous!

SEEMA STYLE: What is your favorite brand/brands to wear when you are golfing?

TAKEO SPIKES: Whatever I receive in gift bags of tournaments that i play in.

SEEMA STYLE: How did football become a passion of yours?

TAKEO SPIKES: Playing in the neighborhood with the rest of the kids when I was younger. I wasnt tall enough to play basketball so I was forced to play football. lol

SEEMA STYLE: What has been the most memorable moment in your football career?

TAKEO SPIKES: I would probably say the first game as a buffalo bill. 2 Interceptions and won AFC defensive player of the week against the Patriots

SEEMA STYLE: What are some things you do to prepare before a big game?

TAKEO SPIKES: Prayer as always and visualize success before I take 1 step on the field.

TAKEO FUN FACT #2:  Several of Takeo’s jerseys from throughout his career are preserved in glass at the Dairy Lane restaurant in his hometown, Sandersville, Georgia.

SEEMA STYLE: What song pumps you up before a big game? Do you have a favorite artist?

TAKEO SPIKES: Anything from the south. Most of the time its OutKast.

SEEMA STYLE: What are somethings you enjoy doing in your spare time? Takeo_PhotographyTAKEO SPIKES:   I love doing Photography and film. That’s why I started my Photography company Takeo Photography LLC. I see it as capturing everyday things we take for granted and bringing it into the forefront letting its true beauty be appreciated.

SEEMA STYLE: You are a very talented athlete! I have seen you hit golf shots and you’re pretty solid! What would you say is the difference mentally between playing football and playing golf?

TAKEO SPIKES: Football is a game where Anger helps you with doing your job. In Golf, Its such a mechanical game to where you cant afford to get all tensed up because your shots will be affected.


SEEMA STYLE: Who would be in your golf dream foursome?

TAKEO SPIKES: Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson and Michael Jordan!

SEEMA STYLE:  If you could give an up and coming athlete positive advice what would it be?

TAKEO SPIKES:  “If two people are the same, then one is unnecessary”.  Follow your dream and don’t be easily influenced by someone else’s actions or their words.

Thank you so much Takeo for spending the time with us during NFL Week!  You are so much fun, and I can’t wait for our next round of golf!

Big Hugs!  Love, Seema XO

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