Two-Piece EleVen Style! Gorgeous in Grey! #Venus

Seema_Style_Venus_Eleven_ GreyHi EleVen Lovers,

Spent the day with my coach Vic Wilk at the Butch Harmon School of Golf!  I am currently working on coming down on a more shallow plane by driving my tailbone down and out to the right!

“My EleVen outfit is so Business Chic meets Sporty Fab!”  – SeemaStyle

I feel like my golf swing has been coming a long nicely and I definitely feel stronger through the golf ball!

Today’s outfit is a really cute two piece EleVen outfit that looks very business-chic meets sporty-fab!  The “First Serve Skirt” and the matching “Spin Tank” are both functional and comfortable for a day at the Country Club, on the court or on the course!

Check out my Golf Swing and US Open EleVen Dress~

Hope you all have a fabulous day at the Country Club!  Xo, Seema

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