Fashion Show with Alcantara and Rosa Clandestino

Seema_Style_AlcantaraHi Fashion Show Divas,

As everyone already knows, I love taking fashion to the next level and crossing boundaries especially on the golf course. Recently, a fabulous Italian company, Alcantara, collaborated with fashion designer Silvia Arguello’s Rosa Clandestino designs to create an amazing, one-of-a-kind fashion show, The World Of Alcantara. The line consists of elegant and classy looks!

My publicist, Mary Beth Sales (follow her on Twitter @MaryBethSales), invited me to attend the fashion show with her, but I wasn’t able to attend. Movie star Andy Garcia attended the event to watch his daughter, Dominik Garcia-Lorido, strut down the runway in the Alcantara x Rosa Clandestino designs.  I am glad I get to feature it and see all the amazing fashion designs and images!

What is Alcantara? It is a luxury fabric from Italy that is durable, yet super soft like velvet. How fab is it? It’s used to make the interiors of yachts and Lamborghini automobiles. But now, Alcantara can be seen (and felt) in high-fashion clothes!

Check out these SEEMA STYLE Sassy Alcantara Snapshots!

Alcantara_1_SeemaStyleWho loves Entourage? Emmanuelle Chriqui was spotted with Silvia Arguello at the fashion show, she’s so cute! I have every season of this show and I am not going to lie, after Sex and the City, Entourage is my second most favorite show!


Say yes to yellow! I love yellow because it’s bright, loud and fun! I can wear it all year round, whether I’m on the golf course or hanging out on the 19th hole. The World Of Alcantara showed off these super fab dresses in yellow on live mannequins.

According to sources, Rosa Clandestino’s Alcantara line should be available for purchase sometime in 2014, I can’t wait! I need the bright yellow 3/4 sleeve dress. It’s perfect for summertime dinners with family and friends and the length of the dress is classy and sassy for hanging around the country club.

If you missed the fashion show, watch it here to check out all of the 2014 designs of Alcantara x Rosa Clandestino!

Xo, Seema

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