Fixing Your Divots!

Seema_Sadekar_Fixing_DivotsHappy Tuesday:)

Have you ever striped a shot down the fairway with good tempo and complete confidence?  Now, have you walked up to your shot on the fairway only to find out you are in a big divot? #SoNotFair

Sometimes “unlucky breaks” happen, that’s golf!
That’s why it is so important to replace or fill your divots in the fairway, even if they are not yours.  You want to spread good luck!

GOLF TIP: Always make sure that you have divot repair mix if you are riding in a cart! After you hit your shot, fill your divot in with the repair mix.  Pat the mix down with your foot, and make sure it’s nice and smooth, just in case someone lands on it.  If you are walking, make sure to pick up your divot and place it back.

Not only is fixing your divot important to your playing competitors, members at your course or guests who come out to play, but also for the respect of the golf course and maintenance crew!

There’s a lot of work that goes into maintaining a beautiful, pristine and pretty golf course we choose to play on, so let’s help them out and maintain the beauty!

Love you, Seema!

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