Andia Winslow is Fit, Fierce & Fab! #Guestie

Seema_Style_Andia_WinslowToday is a beautiful day! 🙂

Meet my beautiful friend and “Guestie” Andia Winslow!

She is a great role model for the game of golf and an inspiration with her fitness talents and beauty!

SEEMA STYLE: What are some of your favorite brands to wear when you are golfing and working out?

ANDIA WINSLOW: I go for comfort and functionality whether I’m on the golf course competing or in the gym or on the track training. All black ensembles are usually my favorite but common sense prevails in the Summer and I love bright color blocking too! Lately I’ve been rocking tennis outfits, especially the throwbacks with pleats. Classy, sporty, timeless. Oh, and shoes! Strong colors, sleek lines. I prefer those that resemble Track & Field sprinting spikes –Adidas does good work in this area.

SEEMA STYLE: Tell me about your athletic career and what got you into fitness?

ANDIA WINSLOW: Well, we met on the golf course at LPGA Qualifying School years ago so I suppose I’ll start the story there! Studied at Yale, turned Pro in 2007 and competed until a family issue required that I take an extended leave from touring life. For five years during that time I had the amazing opportunity to train with a USA Track & Field camp coached by Olympic Hall of Fame sprinting coach Brooks Johnson. Apparently my long legs missed their calling! Coach Johnson was instrumental in inspiring my love of marrying sport and science to enhance athletic performance. I learned to love to run. In 2011, I was talent identified to join the USA Bobsled and Skeleton Development Team in preparation for the 2014 Olympics and beyond. So there you have it. On any given day I can be found on the golf course, on the track, cycling in the Palisades, swimming, rock climbing –you name it. I love to move!

“I love to inspire and help empower other people to move too!”

Most recently I’ve collaborated with my very good friend Monique Walton to create a cinematic and movement based movement called #TheFitCycle. We create short fitness films and work to encourage folks to make the most of what they have –however little, be it time, capital or possessions– to live more active and engaged lives. We’re proud that our work has been seen around the world and it was a cool nod to have Forbes proclaim “Andia Winslow’s Viral #TheFitCycle Are Smartest Sexiest Workout Videos Ever”.

SEEMA STYLE: How important is fitness for your golf game? Does working out help you mentally on the golf course?

ANDIA WINSLOW: HUGE, yes, all caps! Physical training is all about timing, measured gains, and breaking through sticking points. The golf course, in that vein, is one 6,600YD+ 4HR+ sticking point. Obstacle after obstacle. Wind, gorse, nerves, tight lies. As a golfer, and especially as a competitor, one must break through all of that noise to get the ball into the hole. The same is true for pushing weight, jumping hurdles and scaling walls in physical pursuit!

If we’re speaking about pure strength and stamina the answer is obvious too. I’m one of the longest female hitters on any tour and I’m certain it’s due in large part to my foundational leg and core strength. The more torque –rotational spring effect– the more power potential.

Seema_Style_Andia_Winslow_2SEEMA STYLE: How do you encourage/motivate your athletes when you work them out or to get them to work out.

ANDIA WINSLOW: My family instilled in me a disciplined work and training ethic and I can’t help but share that with all of my athletes and clients. It may come off as stoicism but it’s enthusiasm, really! It also just makes sense to lead by example. I am an elite athlete who takes care of her body. I work hard and reap the benefits as a result. It’s an appealing act to follow and I don’t mind playing Pied Piper — leading folks from inactivity or mediocrity to personal greatness. It also encourages folks when I get into the trenches with them and train. “That is the move” or “try moving like this.” Accessibility and relevance.

SEEMA STYLE: You are nominated as one of 2013 Hottest Trainers! What does this mean to you?

ANDIA WINSLOW: I joked with friends that I was nominated because my brain was always overheating from the thinking that I do on a daily basis. But really, I’m just pleased to be walking in my purpose and affecting positive change in this world. I’m humbled by the industry mentors and coaches that have groomed me and shared their professional expertise. I’m thankful to my family, friends and fans for their support! I hope to continue to use my platform in the wellness and sports industry and I’m especially excited to announce that I was recently selected to be a Certified Fitness Contributor for the American Heart Association Go Red for Women campaign!

SEEMA STYLE: Please share a workout tip that everyone can do daily to stay fit and strong for the golf course.

ANDIA WINSLOW: Pre-round stretching in several planes of motion is important for on-course performance and injury prevention. The goal is to replicate the actual golf swing in a dynamic way, head to toe. In the gym, I’d suggest that athletes focus on hip flexors and glute strength in addition to the core which includes abdominals and lower back.



Andia is my motivation for the gym this week, those abs are amaze girl~ 🙂

XO, Seema

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