Wedding Bells In Las Vegas

Seema_Style_Roberto_WeddingHi Everyone!

This passed weekend has been very special! My big brother Roberto and his beautiful wife Maria got married at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas on Saturday! Congratulations to the new fabulous couple! Maria looked stunning in her flowing white wedding dress and glowed throughout the entire evening!

My sister Nisha and me had so much fun and do what we do best, got dressed up, spent time with family and shared lots of laughs!


I wore a fitted, off the shoulder purple dress designed by CatherineMalandrino who is one of my favorite designers! All in all it was a fabulous evening. I was so excited to catch the bouquet too:) However, I am #single, but I will forever cherish that bouquet just in case some one special decides to come into my life:)

Hope you all have a great Monday:)

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