White & Winter Blues

PicCollage-4 blogAre you having the White & Winter Blues!

Hey Everyone,

Today I am wearing my beautiful thick material white dress with large black buttons that detail the left side of the outfit.  If it’s one thing to take note of in your fashion book, it’s that white and black always will hold dominate against the green on the golf course.  I have paired the white and black with a pair of my all time favorite, “Seema Style” patent leather “winter blue” FootJoys shoes and my “winter blue” Titleist visor.  These three colors make a fabulous team during the winter season!

Seema Style Golf Tip |  “I’m coming over the top!” A commonly used phrase most golfers use when playing golf.  It’s an uncomfortable transition in your downswing caused by using your arms, instead of the momentum of your shoulder and core to start the downswing.  Coming over the top causes you to pull shots and creates a struggle with alignment if not rectified in time.

Step 1 |  Check your alignment, put a club on the ground parallel to your feet and see where you are aiming.

Step 2 |  On your downswing feel like your keep your back to the target for as long as you can.  Feel as though your shoulders guide your arms and hands naturally on your way through the downswing.

A good way to fix an over the top swing is to practice hitting shots on an uphill slope.  This will encourage you to use your body on the way down instead of using just your arms. You will really be able to feel your lower body in motion and move through the ball.

Hope you all are enjoying your Holiday Season with the Winter Blues!

Xo, Seema


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