Levert Love and Holiday Talk!

PicCollage-4Let the Holiday Love with the Levert’s Begin!

Today I have two very special “Guesties” Mr. & Mrs. Levert! Eddie and Raquel have been great friends for many years and I am so excited to have them as my first couples feature! Before we get started, I wanted to let you all know how excited I am for Eddie’s new Album “Did I Make You Go Ooh” coming out January 27th, 2016!

SEEMA STYLE:  What are both your favorite brands to wear on the golf course?

EDDIE LEVERT:  I like to wear Adidas!
RAQUEL LEVERT: I like Jamie Saddock!

SEEMA STYLE:  Who usually wins when you guys play golf?

EDDIE LEVERT:  Of course me!
RAQUEL LEVERT:  Eddie, but if I had the amount of years behind me that you do, you wouldn’t say it like that. I’m closing in on him!!!

SEEMA STYLE:  What are both your favorite parts about living in Las Vegas? Where do you guys go for your date nights and do you have a favorite golf course?

EDDIE LEVERT:  The fact that it is a 24/7 town that you can see, feel and live. For date night we usually go to the Bellagio Hotel and casino. I don’t have a favorite golf course.
RAQUEL LEVERT:  My favorite reason for living in Las Vegas is the majority of the time the skies are blue and when you drive down the streets and highways you see beautiful mountains and the views are incredible. Like Eddie said, “we love the Bellagio, they have the best Cosmo’s” but sometime Eddie and I just ride around town and talk, sing, and laugh. On these days we just pick a random spot and stop for a glass of wine or a Cosmo. Then back to our favorite spot in Henderson, home. I’m like Eddie, I don’t have a favorite golf course but I do like the Wynn and Bali Hai. We have been to White Witch in Jamaica. It is absolutely beautiful… I could go on. This is from a person that just loves the game and spending time with new friends and old friends.

SEEMA STYLE:  What do you and the family have planned for the Holidays?

EDDIE LEVERT:  For Christmas we are going to cook a lot of food and have some family and friends over to help us celebrate. New Years we are going to hang out with friends, and of course football.

RAQUEL LEVERT: We are also going to watch a lot of old family videos.

SEEMA STYLE:  What would you like Santa to bring you for Christmas?

EDDIE LEVERT:  More love and understanding.
RAQUEL LEVERT:   I want Santa to consult with God and maybe we as humans could love our neighbors as we would ourselves, live and let live, and stop fearing the unknown.

SEEMA STYLE:  I could’t agree with the both of you more! What are you both most looking forward to in 2016?

EDDIE LEVERT:  To have my CD be successful, after all the work we put into it.
RAQUEL LEVERT:  I am looking forward to my husband’s success and the endless possibilities.

EddieLevert_CoverSEEMA STYLE:  I am so excited for your *NEW Album coming out in January! Tell me about the album and what this one means to you?

EDDIE LEVERT:  My album comes out January 29th, 2016. It is titled, “DID I MAKE YOU GO OOH”. This is one of my best efforts as a solo artist and I’m trying to get the exposure it deserves and needs. There is not a song on this CD that doesn’t have a message or just great music. It has great musicians, production, and engineering. It’s just an all around great piece of work. To me it means I am still relevant and as long as the people hear it, they will like it.

SEEMA STYLE:  What has been the most memorable moment in your musical career?

EDDIE LEVERT:  The most memorable moments in my career is being inducted into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the work I did with my son Gerald.

SEEMA STYLE: What are some of things you do to prepare for a show? How many shows will you do in 2016?

EDDIE LEVERT:  To prepare for a show I try to remember the words, the steps, and pray to God. I don’t know how many shows I will do in 2016 because we are still lining them up. You can find the show dates and states by going to my social media @EddieLevertSr and my I will keep you posted.

SEEMA STYLE:  Favorite place to perform and why?

EDDIE LEVERT:  My favorite place to perform is The Grand Old Opry House because they built it just right for vocals and music.

SEEMA STYLE:  Tell me about The Levert Father and Son Foundation?

EDDIE LEVERT:  The Levert Father and Son Foundation is a project that my late son Gerald and I started before he passed. Its continuous expanding mission includes, Schools without music programs and the issues surrounding fatherless families. We wanted to address the fact that they had taken the art out of public schools and we wanted to put it back through donations from the foundation. We also want to give student scholarship to further their education in the Arts. Through mentoring programs we want to educate men and give them the tools and resources to aid them in becoming the successful leaders they need to be in raising their families.

SEEMA STYLE:  What are your favorite colors?

RAQUEL LEVERT:  Blue. Blue was my favorite color first. He copied off of me. I don’t blame him because, “Blue, blue you coo’

SEEMA STYLE:  Favorite Holiday Treat?

EDDIE LEVERT:  Pies, cakes and all the sweet things.
RAQUEL LEVERT:   Chocolate cake and when all the cooking is done the best treat of all is when I get to sit down and enjoy the fruits of my labor.

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Thank you  Eddie and Raquel for sharing your holiday love with all of us! Wishing you both Merry Christmas and an amazing 2016!

Xo, Seema

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