Royal Regulations!

Hey Everyone,

Royal blue will be this season’s “it” color, giving our fall a bit more brightness and trendiness. This is the most versatile of pop colors and is great for mixing and matching in your wardrobe and with your accessories.  Step away from your average navy and have fun with royal blue.  The dress i’m wearing is stretchy and has a great lace accent with a cute flair at the bottom – the flair accentuates your figure while still giving you the room to take good posture and swing freely.  I paired my royal with white sparkly FootJoy shoes and a white Titleist hat.

Seema Style Golf Tip | To being consistently hitting your target in regulation, it’s important to understand that your shoulders, feet and hips are positioned parallel to your target. To practice perfecting your alignment, I have come up with a simple and effective drill to help you get back in line. All you need is any two irons from your golf bag to use as your visual aids in learning how to properly align your body and your club face at address!


Step 1 : On the practice range, select a mid-iron ( I like doing this with an 8 or 7 iron ) and choose a target which best fits the distance you hit your selected iron. Once you have selected your target, stand behind the ball and place a long iron club ( I use a 4 or 5 iron ) adjusted to your stance; be comfortable over the ball. Make sure the club is directed to where you would like for the ball to land to hit your target.

Step 2 : Address the golf ball. Make sure that your shoulders, feet and hips are parallel to your club on the ground.  Draw an imaginary line with your eyes from you to your target and back to your alignment club a few times. This helps you get comfortable seeing your target line and feeling the proper way you should align.

Step 3 : With the set up complete, it’s time to pull the trigger! Your alignment club will also help guide you with a proper swing path. Make sure your shoulders and club path swing down the line and are parallel to your alignment club.

Xo, Seema


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