Putting Stripes!

PicCollage-4Hey Stripe Lovers,

The stripe trend never goes out of style.  There’s something very sophisticated and retro about a striped ensemble. For the fall season, I like wearing black and white stripes to keep things clean and classy.  The dress I am wearing has a thick line horizontal top with a matching thick lined vertical bottom.  Sometimes all it takes is a basic thing, the simplest black and white dress and the most versatile print to look your best. I matched my dress with my black and white patent leather FootJoy shoes and a black Titleist visor.

Seema Style Golf TipTo start lowering your putting average, which we know makes up half of our scorecard, you need to make sure your alignment and putting stroke work hand in hand.  It’s always nice to practice this on the practice green with a short straight putt.

Step 1 : Place two of your longer irons on the green and set them up parallel to your target line, almost like a railroad.  The clubs should be set wider than the putter head giving you just enough room to take your club straight back and straight through without hitting the clubs.

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Step 2 : The correct stroke with your putter would be taking the putter straight back and through in a slight arc motion with your shoulders controlling your stroke. With a smooth one-two rhythm, rock your shoulders back and through keeping your putter parallel and between your railroad.  Keep your wrist firm.

Step 3 : Keep your head and body steady through the golf ball. Try listening for the ball to drop in the hole before taking a peek! Make 10 to 15 putts in your railroad and watch your scores drop a few strokes!

Xo, Seema

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