#RIP Jerry Tarkanian #UNLV


Hi Everyone,

This past week has been extremely sad with the news of the passing of UNLV’s legend Mr. Jerry Tarkanian. I have had tremendous amount of respect and admiration for Mr. Tarkanian throughout my collegiate years and he is one of the many reasons why I am a proud UNLV “Running Rebel.”

Jerry Tarkanian built and developed our UNLV basketball program. He coached for thirty-one seasons, sharing most of his coaching expertise with UNLV and holds an unbelievable seventh highest winning percentage all-time among Division 1 men’s basketball coaches. Mr. Tarkanian left a legacy with the UNLV Running Rebels leading them to the Final Four an outstanding four times followed by the NCAA Division 1 National Championship in 1990! #Winning

Click here to see my golf round with UNLV Running Rebel Champion Mr. Greg Anthony!

LEGEND FACT:  Mr. Tarkanian was inducted to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in 2013 and will forever be remembered as a Basketball Legend leaving a legacy with all our UNLV’s Running Rebels.

Thank you Mr. Tarkanian for building our UNLV program and being a mentor and icon to us all. You will forever be in our heart.

Rest In Peace~ August 8, 1930 – February 11, 2015

Xo, Seema


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