Christmas with Kenny Lofton!

Seema_Style_KennyLoftonGuestie_BlogHappy Holidays Everyone!

I am very excited and honored to have MLB superstar Mr. Kenny Lofton as my 2014 Holiday “Guestie!” Kenny has been a good friend of mine for several years through the game of golf.

We both have played and traveled to many golf outings together and I always have lots of laughs and great times with him. Kenny is a talented golfer and all around athlete and I always enjoy spending time with him on the golf course!

This Holiday,  Kenny will share with us his favorite Holiday treats, memories, 2015 goals and more…

Let the Holidays begin!

SEEMA STYLE:  What is your favorite brand to wear?

KENNY LOFTON:  Nike! I have been with Nike since college.

SEEMA STYLE:  Do you have a favorite golf accessory?

KENNY LOFTON:  My range finder. I use the Bushnell Pinseeker that vibrates. It give me accurate distance and helps with my long game.

SEEMA STYLE:  What has been the most memorable moment in your MLB career?

KENNY LOFTON:  Getting to the World Series two times once with the Cleveland and once with Giants. Both times I thought we should have won but it wasn’t meant to be.

Seema_Style_KennyLoftonBasketball_BlogHOLIDAY FUN FACT:  Lofton attended the University of Arizona on a basketball scholarship. The Wildcats made it to the Final Four in 1988. He did not join the school’s baseball team until his junior year.

SEEMA STYLE:  Why do you enjoy the game of golf?

KENNY LOFTON:  After playing baseball I wanted to still play a sport that I could be competitive in. Golf is hard especially to hit a ball that’s not moving. To be honest, I rather swing at a 95 MPH fast ball than a still golf ball. I enjoy the challenge of golf, it keeps me active and outdoors.

SEEMA STYLE:  Mentally, what is the difference between golf and baseball?

KENNY LOFTON You don’t have re-dues in golf. In baseball you can hit fowl balls and you have three chances or more to make a play. In golf every shot counts against you so mentally it’s tougher.

SEEMA STYLE:  What are your plans for the Holidays?

KENNY LOFTON:  I keep the holidays simple with a tree in my house. This year I will be celebrating Christmas in Arizona with an early round of golf with some friends followed by dinner and hanging out.

SEEMA STYLE:  If you could ask Santa for one thing what would it be?

KENNY LOFTON:  To give all the children something that they want.

HOLIDAY FUN FACT: Lofton was a six-time All-Star  (1994–1999), four-time Gold Glove Award winner (1993–1996), and at retirement, was ranked fifteenth among all-time stolen base leaders with 622.

SEEMA STYLE: What’s the best present you ever gave through the Holidays?

KENNY LOFTON:  I gave some kids Nike sneakers and they were so happy. Always great to see a smile on a kids face.

SEEMA STYLE:  What would you like to achieve in 2015?

KENNY LOFTON:  I would like to achieve making a movie for my company FilmPool Inc.

Click Here to checkout Kenny Lofton’s FilmPool Inc television & film production company!

 SEEMA STYLE:  Who is your favorite professional golfer?

KENNY LOFTON: This is a tough question… I will have to go with Tiger Woods. I like that he can handle himself under pressure consistently.

SEEMA STYLE:  What is your favorite Holiday song?

KENNY LOFTON:  “Let It Snow” by Boys II Men

SEEMA STYLE:  One piece of advice you would give to an up and coming athlete?

KENNY LOFTON:  Save your money. You don’t know how long your career will last. It’s called “Keeping up with the Joneses'” you want to spend spend spend, until you realize you have nothing. Save your money.

Seema_Style_KennyLoftonDream4Some_BlogSEEMA STYLE:  Who would be in your dream 4 some?

KENNY LOFTON: Tiger Woods, Bubba Watson and Lee Elder

SEEMA STYLE: What is your favorite Holiday Candy?

KENNY LOFTON:  Chocolate Caramel Turtles!

Thank you for being my Holiday “Guestie” Kenny! Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a healthy and prosperous 2015!

Xo, Seema

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