Candy Cane Lipstick Love!

Greetings Holiday Beauties,

Tis’ the time of the year to bring out all your fun reds from your closets and cosmetic bags. My most favorite color to wear this season is red! From purses, dresses to lipsticks reds are this season’s “it” color!Seema_Style_CandyCaneLipstickRed_Blog

Red lipstick should be a staple in your make up bag because it will never go out of style. The first step to wearing red lipstick is finding that right shade for your skin tone that gives you a classic and glamorous look.

After finding your perfect shade of red lips, the next thing is to pair it with an outfit that will allow your lips to be the focal point. Blacks and whites are preferably the best colors to wear with red lips! I also like to wear red lips with either a high tight ponytail or high bun to make my lips pop more!

FUN FACT:  Dark red lipstick was one of the most popular shade throughout the 19th and 20th century. Dark red lipstick was popular in the 1920s.

My three favorite reds this season are Tom Ford’s “Willfull” and “Scarlet Rouge” and MAC’s “La Vie En Rouge!”

Tweet me @TheSeemaSadekar and let me know what your favorite red lip shades are!

Xo, Seema

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