Joe Carter Classic! #Toronto #BlueJays

Seema_Style_Joe_Carter_CoverHi Everyone,

I was honored to be a part to the 5th Annual Joe Carter Classic at Eagles Nest Golf Club in my home town city Toronto, Canada!  I have played this course a few times growing up, it is very pretty and close to home.

Joe Carter is most famous for hitting an amazing home run to win the 1993 World Series for the Toronto Blue Jays and is and will be a legend to the Blue Jay fans forever and ever. In 1993 I was five years old and was a huge fan of the Blue Jays.

I remember the Jays line up, attended 50 percent of our home games with my sister and parents and owned every Blue Jays promo item from MAX Coffee Cups to ginormous #1 Blue Jays styrofoam hand signs!  Those were such special days in my life, we celebrated as a family. Seema_Baby_JCBlog

My most favorite Blue Jay player was none other than the “3-run home run to left field to win the World Series” legend himself Mr. Joe Carter!

Check out this letter I wrote to Joe at the age of five telling him how much of a fan I was! #SoCute!Seema_Letter_Joe_Carter

FUN FACT:  The annual charity event golf tournament will involve over 40 top name celebrities including stars from the world of sports and entertainment. Proceeds from the event will benefit the Children’s Aid Foundation.

The Joe Carter Classic kicked off with an Inaugural Celebrity Skins Game where all the celebrities had to play there own golf ball and keep score! I was paired with my Las Vegas golf-buddy and actor, best known for the roles of Hercules, Mr. Kevin Sorbo! Seema_Style_Sorbo_JC_BlogThe round followed up with a fab-lunch and awards reception where we all congratulated Joe Carter for his win and spectacular round of 71 (1-under par!).

THE CHARITY: The Children’s Aid Foundation is committed to funding programs that improve the lives of abused, neglected and at risk children and youth. The Foundation works with child welfare organizations across the country to deliver innovative programs that support our three pillars of hope: Prevention, Enrichment & Education.

Seema_Style_JC_Blog_2After a fun round of golf we all took the shuttle back to our beautiful Shangri-La Host Hotel to attend the four rooms of gifting suites to gather all our incredible presents! Nike, Blackberry, Lug, Gucci, Logitech are to name a few that sponsored the event and spoiled us rotten:) I love presents! The evening ended with all the sponsors and celebrities at the Rogers Center suite where we ate, laughed and watched the Blue Jays vs Yankee game!

The next morning was the big scramble day! My group was so much fun #obviously! My team was Joe Carter, Steve, Jim and Dom and it was one big party on every hole! Seema_Style_Ozzie_JC_BlogWe shot 19 under and we were not eligible to win 🙂 #whatevz.

The event ended with an amazing after part with the star studded red carpet and performances featuring BizMarkie and Salt-N-Pepa!

Here is a pic of me and Ozzie Smith at the Joe Carter’s after-party event:) #smileforbirdies  I love to get dressed up after my golf round and celebrate the day with new and old friends.  Ozzie is a great golfer and a baseball hero from The St. Louis Cardinals!

I had so much fun at the event and can’t wait to be a part of the Joe Carter Classic next year! Thank you Joe and your team for having me! You and your team are the best!


Visit the Joe Carter Classic Golf Tournament Site!

Follow Joe Carter Twitter @JoeCarter_29

Follow Joe Carter Classic @JoeCarterGolf

See you all next year:) Xo, Seema


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