Happy Canada Day! #red-chic

Seema_Style_Canada_DayOh-Canada!  Happy Canada Day to all my fellow Canadians!

Today is the day we wear our red and white to celebrate our beautiful and wonderful country!

I was born and raised in Toronto Canada.  I grew up playing on many Canadian Golf Teams, representing my country by playing golf.  I have played in numerous Canadian Opens, and still proudly represent Canada wherever I go!

There are so many cool things that I love about Toronto and Canada.  We have Poutine, The Blue Jays, Harvey’s, Swiss Chalet, Aero Chocolate Bars, Mr. Sub, Big Trees on the Golf Course, Le Chateau (cute place to buy dresses), The Maple Leafs, The CFL, Coffee Crisps and my Mom & Dad! 🙂

FACT: I grew up learning how to play golf at Emerald Hills Golf Club in Stouffville, Ontario.

I wish I was able to spend Canada Day back home with my family and Canadian peeps, but I will be celebrating the holiday here in Las Vegas wearing red and white with my  Toronto Blue Jays hat!

Hope you all are having a wonderful Canada Day Eh!

Xo, Seema

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