Christmas Eve with Scott Piercy #Guestie #Family #Fashion #PGATOUR

Seema_Style_Scott_Piercy_ChristmasMerry Christmas Eve!

My festive and special #Guestie Scott Piercy is here to share his love for the game of golf, fashion stuff, family festivities and his plans over the Holidays!

Scott Piercy and his beautiful wife Sara grew up in Las Vegas!  They are so much fun and are my *new Besties in our sparkly city!  My #total Bestie KEVIN HOOKS introduced me to the fab-family!  I love cheering for Scott through the season! Let’s catch up with him before the 2013 year comes to an end!

SEEMA STYLE:  What is your favorite brand to wear on the course?

SCOTT PIERCY:  But of course its @IZOD golf apparel. Every piece of golf clothing needed from hot weather to cold and rainy weather is on point. They really have everything you could ever want and its super stylish!

SEEMA STYLE:  What are you most looking forward to in the 2014 Season?

SCOTT PIERCY:  Getting back to being healthy and competing to win again. I enjoy going to the gym, pumping some iron and working with my therapists on a regular basis.

SEEMA STYLE:  What song pumps you up before heading to the first tee?

SCOTT PIERCY:  “We Own It”, from the Fast & Furious soundtrack.  It’s by 2 Chainz and Wiz Khalifa!

SEEMA STYLE:  What has been your most memorable moment in your golf career?

SCOTT PIERCY:  My two PGA Tour victories, The Reno-Tahoe Open and The RBC Canadian Open.

“I could play with Seema. I will just have to be on my style game and golf game that day!”

Piercy_FamilySEEMA STYLE:  You have the most amazing wife Sara and 3 adorable sons! How important is family to you and your career?

SCOTT PIERCY:  A supportive family is an absolute must because without their support I couldn’t be as good as I can be. It means a lot to have them by my side everyday.

SEEMA STYLE:  What’s your favorite part about living in Las Vegas?  Do you have a hotspot and a favorite golf course?

SCOTT PIERCY:  My favorite thing about Las Vegas is that its HOME!  No bugs, no natural disasters and I love the heat.  As far as hot spot, I’m not a big “Strip” guy, I have more local spots and flare goin’ on if ya no what I mean!  You can usually find me at TPC Summerlin working on my game!

SEEMA STYLE:  If you could play 18 holes with one person who would it be and why?

SCOTT PIERCY:  Well, I wouldn’t play with Seema because I wouldn’t want to be out-styled or out-bedazzled by her, LOL!  But If I had to chose…Well, guess I could play with Seema. I will just have to be on my style game and golf game that day!

Scott_Piercy_Style_On_Off_CourseSEEMA STYLE: Yes you will my friend! LOL!  We can totally color coordinate if you’d like!  If you could play any other sport what it be and why?

SCOTT PIERCY:  Soccer. I used to play through high school and had a chance to keep going but I chose golf instead. There was not much transition from soccer to golf because I played both since the age of 8. It was more like I just quit soccer to further advance my golf career.

SEEMA STYLE: What do you and the family have planned for the Holidays?

SCOTT PIERCY:  For Christmas the family and I will be home to celebrate and then shortly after going to our favorite vacation spot Maui!  We are all looking forward to it!

SEEMA STYLE:  What do you want Santa to bring you for Christmas?

SCOTT PIERCY:  A Major win! Any Major would be great.

SEEMA STYLE:  What’s the one piece of advice you would you give to an up and coming athlete and why?

SCOTT PIERCY:  Make correct decisions and outwork your competition because there’s no substitute for hard work!

Thank you Scott! Wishing you and the family a Merry Christmas and all the birdies in the world for your 2014 season!


Xo, Seema

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