Holiday Kisses! 3 Hot Lip Stocking Stuffers :)

Seema_Style_Holiday_Kisses_GiftsDid someone say Holiday Kisses? 🙂  I love those!

It’s time to shop all day, everyday!  We all know how important it is to make sure we look festive and wear the right colors during the Holidays!

Holiday Style Note:  Red lips are an obvious must!

I have selected my 3 favorite glosses and lip sticks to put in your girlfriends, sisters, aunts or mothers stockings and make her feel like a true luscious diva this holiday!

1. LANCOME JUICY TUBES, The Holiday Set!

Pucker up!  Lancôme Juicy Tubes Holiday Set is the glistening gift she will kiss you for!  The sets come in Neutrals and Pinks/Reds.  This is honestly the cutest and best stocking stuffer!  There are 4 different colors in each kit.  This gloss is far superior to any gloss I have ever used, and I have been using Juicy Tubes since High School #realtalk.  They make your lips shine and your smile glisten! Juicy Tubes come in several different colors, but the Christmas Kits are cost effective and come in a sparkly box! #totally

2. DIVA Lipstick by MAC 

Not only does the name of the lipstick say it all, but the color is FESTIVE-FAB! It is understood that during Winter dark colors are in, from our hair to our nails, it’s just the way it is! Diva by MAC is the winter evening color we need in our purse during the holidays!

3. ROUGE VOLUPTÉ by YVES SAINT LAURENTSeema_Style_Kourtney_Kardashian_Red

Red lipstick is a go!  There are so many,  ask myself… what kind is best? YSL Rouge Volupte not only has SPF 15, but it is sure to be your new hot red signature color for Christmas!  I have tried reds from all over, and even Kourtney Kardashian agrees with me!  Dear Santa, even though I could have always been a better girl, I’ve been good enough to deserve this lipstick in my stocking:)  #ThanksSanta!

Lades, let’s do red and get festively fabulous together!

Wishing you have a warm and glossy day!

Xo, Seema

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