Purple! Purple! Purple! Grip, Nails & Onesie:)

Seema_Style_Purple_Purple_PurplePurple!  Purple!  and … PURPLE!

I just had to do it!  Check out my Purple Golf Swing & Style!

GRIP:  I love my colorful Golf Pride Grips ~ #cute

NAILS:  Purple is so August!  The color and the month go hand in hand.  #totally

ONESIE:  Here is a one piece sports outfit from Adidas… I saw it and I just had to have it!  #mine

I was going to wear my Purple FootJoys Golf Shoes, but then I decided to stay clean with my White FootJoys.  I like the way the white shines on the course.  White shoes also give my skin tone more of a tan outside.

Get your Purple on this month~ XO, Seema

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