Graffiti Golf Style!

Seema_Style_Grafitti_SpandexEveryday apparel can transfer onto the golf course.  You better believe it!  This is my favorite part of golf fashion, figuring out what I can wear both on and off the course!

My Graffiti Pants are a personal wardrobe fave.  They fit great, go great with a blazer and a loose tank top, and they are perfect underneath a short golf skirt.

The graffiti print is fun, feminine and modern.  You can see how much it stands out on the golf course.  Not only are they comfortable while swinging, Seema_Style_Graffiti_Pants_2but they are comfy when out and about with friends.

If you have a fun and fave pair of leggings or pants, don’t be afraid to wear them on the course.  If you are confident in them out with friends, you will be confident with them while coming up the fairway!

Graffiti Love! Xo~ Seema

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