Drive like a Star!

Seema_Style_Before_Hitting_Your_DriverOne of my favorite clubs in my bag is my Driver, I just love hitting it straight and far.

Before I hit my driver, I make sure to stand behind my ball and pick out my “intermediate target”.  An “intermediate target” is an exact spot you pick 2 feet in front of your ball that lines you up to the where you see your ball landing in the fairway.  It can be a blade of grass, a divot or a bug!

Your intermediate target will help you align your feet, shoulders and clubface to your spot in the fairway.  This part of hitting your driver is just as important as your swing.

Before you hit your Driver, come behind the ball and pick your intermediate target.  Visualize your ball traveling in the air to your spot in the fairway.  You will become more consistant and hit more fairways in regulation.

Drive like a Star!  Swing away:)  Xo, Seema

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