EleVen by Venus Williams #Fashion

Seema_Style_elevenHi EleVen Lovers!I was recently featured on one of Tennis’ most popular fashion websites, EleVen by Venus!


EleVen has sent me several of their stylish, comfortable and slimming dresses to wear on to the golf course! Dresses are so comfortable to swing in, especially sporty tennis dresses. One of my favorite EleVen dresses is the Cincy Dress Python! The dress is extremely fierce and flattering.

“I’ve always felt active wear was limited. On the court, I struggled to find clothing that allowed me to express myself the way I could with the never-ending supply of ready-to-wear options. Add to that a fierce desire to motivate people to move their bodies, and the idea of EleVen was born.

Arming myself with a degree in fashion, I set out to create something that would represent much more than I could ever achieve on the tennis court: clothing that allows you to express your individuality, cultivate strength and confidence and makes you feel good every time you put it on.” -Venus Williams

I share a lot of the same passion for fashion as tennis icon Venus Williams. Golf has made a transition from a game to a sport and the transition in our apparel can do the same! We as women need to feel comfortable, confident and beautiful while we play our chosen sport! EleVen by Venus has a mission to make women feel strong about ourselves throughout the day!


Xoxo, Seema

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