Kevin Hooks talks Pro-Ams, Golf, Parties and PGA TOUR Star Scott Piercy!

Seema_Style_Kevin_HooksHi Everyone,

I want you all to meet my very special “Guestie” and #BFF Mr. Kevin Hooks!  We play golf and laugh together, it is nice to make friends on the course and enjoy the friendship off the course too!

Kevin and his beautiful wife Amy are fans and supporters of the game. Let’s catch up with Kevin and check out his style, the fun events he attends, and the PGA TOUR players he rolls with!

SEEMA STYLE: What are some of your favorite brands to wear on the golf course?

SEEMA STYLE: I like to push the envelope on the “approved vs. not approved” country club tops and bottoms. I will wear Affliction or True Religion shirts and shorts or pants, in beige, black, white. Outside of that, I stick with the Tiger Woods collection for shorts and pants which gets me more smiles and approval from the pro shop at a private country club.

On the “please the pro shop days” when I’m not sporting the TW collection, I’ll typically go with IZOD. They sponsor Scott Piercy and I will be as supportive as I can there.Kev_Amy_TPC

“Scott Piercy’s Hip-Hop moves have shown consistent improvement since he started hanging out with the Hooks’ Hip-Hop posse.”

Kevin_3_Seema_StyleSEEMA STYLE: Do you have a favorite golf accessory?

KEVIN HOOKS: The new Bushnell that vibrates when you actually are keyed in on the flag is my favorite. I can’t tell you how many times I have hit a hill or tree behind the pin that cost me a stroke or two.

SEEMA STYLE: How did you get into golf?

KEVIN HOOKS: I snuck out to a private country club at sunset when I was 12, but we could only play a few holes before darkness or we got caught. In my 30’s, I started playing more serious and then it became a client/vendor golf experience, but I still took it seriously. I still am trying to perfect the game and I may realize one day that goal is unobtainable.

SEEMA STYLE: You have been a great supporter and sponsor to one of Las Vegas’ and The PGA TOUR’s most talented players, Scott Piercy.  How did you take an interest in his career?

KEVIN HOOKS: Scott and I met at the course when he was still doing mini tour events. Frankly, you stay young by hanging out with young people, and that’s exactly what we did. The sponsorship also was a win-win for both Scott and myself as I was growing a company and he was looking for dollars to get him from point to point. He carried our company logo for several years until he obtained his card on the PGA TOUR. After that, he was able to obtain more sponsorships from larger companies and we took a smaller profile based on the budget.

Outside of that, we remain close friends.  We hang out and do things like fun dinners, vacations, and the occasional night club experience. I think that Scott’s Hip-Hop moves have shown consistent improvement since he started hanging out with the Hooks Hip Hop posse.

SEEMA STYLE: Every year you host the Las Vegas Shriners Hospital for Children Open opening party at your house for the PGA TOUR players and sponsors. What is the turn out like?

KEVIN HOOKS: Scott started that 3 years ago and the party simply outgrew his house. So we offered our house which is conveniently located near TPC Summerlin’s 18th hole. This year will set a record as we expect just less than 200 people. The guests will consist of PGA TOUR players and families as well as industry reps and of course some of our closest friends and family.

The party is fully catered and also a special guest chef from La Cave (Wynn) will be making flat breads in our wood burning pizza oven. We will also have a DJ that will play club music the entire night.

“Once you walk on that course you better believe you can win. If you don’t think that, then don’t quit your day job. Or better yet, get a day job.”

SEEMA STYLE: How is it playing in the Shriners Pro-am every year? What has been your most memorable experience thus far? Who caddies for you?

KEVIN HOOKS: The Pro Ams are a great time to get inside the ropes and test your game against the best. Having a gallery definitely adds to the stress level. I have been in the Shriners Pro Am for close to 10 years. Of those I believe we have won three times including a huge victory last year.

My caddy is your sister!  Nisha really played a big part in both victories including making a fashion statement that was miles ahead of anyone on the course that day. Nisha helps us all become “Team Fashion” and we are glad to be back to back Champions.  Last year we played with Robert Garrigus and this year we drew Patrick Reed.

Seema_Style_Kevin_Nisha_Shriners_Pro_Am_ChampsI also have been involved with the Humana Challenge where you actually play during the real PGA TOUR tournament. This is as close as anyone gets to play with a pro in an event on a Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Kevin_2_Seema_StyleSEEMA STYLE: Who would be in your dream 4 some?

KEVIN HOOKS: Well I would have to go with “me” (haha) as the first choice. There are obviously way more important and influential people I would select as a dinner foursome, but if we stick to golf I would have to select Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods, and maybe as a surprise selection Gary Player. He epitomizes physical fitness and probably could still do more pushups than me.

SEEMA STYLE: You and Scott are a great team! What is one advice you have given him that you feel an up and coming PGA TOUR player should know or do?

KEVIN HOOKS: Scott was born with a certain level of respectful cockiness. Definitely not the negative version of the word, but once you walk on that course you better believe you can win. If you don’t think that, then don’t quit your day job. Or better yet, get a day job. Its hard to give advice to someone who has that level of talent. However, I do give him financial advice even if he doesn’t ask.

Thank you for being my “Guestie” Kevin!


Bestie Love! Xo, Seema

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