Get a Grip!

20130614-161858.jpgHi Friday Fairway Birds!

Let’s get a grip today with my 6 quick tips to properly grip your club!

1. Place grip in the fingers of your left hand. Your index finger is the trigger finger, so the club needs to be in the center of the index, and in line with the bottom of your other fingers.

2. Fold your fingers over the grip feeling pressure in your pinky and index fingers.

3. Take your right hand place it over your left. Place your right pinky in between your index and middle finger.

4. Wrap your right hand around the club.

5. Get comfy! Feel pressure in your right hand with your thumb and middle fingers against the grip. Make sure to stay relaxed and soft even when you are feeling these pressure points.

6. Address your golf ball and swing away!

Grip it and rip it!  Xo, Seema

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