Happy Argyle Style Day!

Most people say you can’t mix Argyle patterns with any other patterns. That’s not the case. Fashion is something to be played with. You have to take risks in the world of fashion and have fun with it.

My Dress | I am wearing a SeemaStyle red and navy blue flowered top dress with a beautiful pleaded argyle patterned skirt. Argyle is a complex pattern and thus, a powerful visual element in an outfit, don’t over power the argyle pattern too much, make sure you feel comfortable and compliment it with other patterns and accessories tastefully.

My Accessories | I paired my Argyle Style with a plain Seema Style all white FootJoy shoe and an all red Titleist visor to match the dress.

Have fun with your wardrobe and make sure to tweet me a picture of your Argyle Style at @TheSeemaSadekar

Xo, Seema

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