It’s time to get “Floptastic”

I am wearing one of my favorite red lace and frill dresses! #LadyInRed. Red is a color that has historically been associated with “sacrifice, danger and courage” That’s funny.. so is the flop shot in golf.

Seema Style Golf Tip |  The flop shot is all about commitment.  You must have complete confidence when executing this shot.

I start by opening my 60 degree wedge (or your most lofted wedge in your bag) so it’s pointing towards the sky. Make sure that your grip and arms are very soft and relaxed. Address the ball with your feet spread widely apart, this will help keep you stay low & grounded as well as preventing your lower body from moving or swaying during your swing. Your ball position must be played forward in your stance which is close to your front foot. Make sure to have a soft, long fluid outside to inside swing. Keep your club face open throughout your entire swing especially through impact to where the club face should be facing the pretty blue sky.

Make sure you take time to practice this shot and have fun with it!

Xo, Seema

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