Seemojis Ball Markers

Happy Friday Everyone:)

An emoji speaks more than a thousand words!  It’s a fun way to express your emotions. With that being said, I am so excited to share with you my *New designs and line of “Seemoji” Ball Markers from my Seema Sparkle Collection by Bonjoc!

  1. FASHIONISTA  | Was my first design.  I wanted a ball marker that represented me and several of you stylish ladies on the golf course.  I gave Fashionista a pink visor to add the golf flare and a red sparkly Swarovski heart for that perfect kiss.

LOL |  One of the most popular and used Emoji for social and texting.  I wanted to give mine a feminine twist by adding a ponytail, blue eyes and some pink to her mouth! My favorite part about this piece is the two Swarovski tear drops adding a 3D feature to her.

DERP | This to me is the cutest Emoji guy by far! He just looks so fun and smart, so I decided to add a royal blue flat cap, two front teeth and a grayish-blue 3D Swarovski bow tie to make him the perfect gentleman!

Seema Sparkle Collection Ball Marker Fun Fact |  Specially created with 100% genuine Swarovski crystals. Each ball marker is designed by Seema Sadekar, The Golf Fashionista , “For women, golf represents a fit and fabulous lifestyle, it’s important to use accessories to encompass who you are on the course. This new line is cute, fun, and dreamy. My hope is that these ball marks inspire more women to get out on the course, get excited about the game and express themselves.”

Click Here to view Seema Sparkle Collection by Bonjoc!

Xo, Seema

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