Hey Everyone,

Hope you all enjoyed your #MastersWeek! Congratulations to Sergio Garcia for his incredible win!

On Wednesday, April 5, 2017 PGD Global held the First Annual “Augusta Jam” presented by Tanqueray featuring Snoop Dogg. Augusta Jam is a celebratory musical event held in the city of Augusta Georgia during the popular Masters Golf Tournament and supports local Augusta community and their charitable initiatives. Augusta Jam merges the musical world of country and hip-hop music, proudly driven to unite cultures and celebrate diversity through golf and music.

“Augusta Jam is not only an event, it is a social movement. The value and messaging around bringing Snoop to the Masters extends itself to the core of the golf space, breaking barriers by welcoming, embracing and showcasing minorities and all cultures to the game” says Nisha Sadekar, PGD Global CEO & Augusta Jam Producer. “Snoop reaches all audiences, and with the partnership of Tanqueray, Lyft, The City of Augusta and the many people that came together to make it happen, it was a success with the understanding we have a long way to go.”

During the day on Wednesday, I worked with Snoop on his golf game at the Augusta University practice facility.  The lesson went very well. He is extremely athletic, patient and easy to work with.  One of the many things I can say about Snoop, is that he is a perfectionist.  He was determined to “Master” *pun-intended* each shot at hand and truly wanted to get better.  We listened to music, we danced, we hit good shots and some not worthy of mentioning (LOL)… but never stopped smiling along the way…

After the golf, Tanqueray presented “Cocktails in the Clubhouse” where many media outlets joined to talk golf, growing the game and Snoop’s experience of the day. Following the media interviews, Jay Harris from ESPN (and my bestie) had a one on one with Snoop and spoke about his love of the game, and his urge to continue to play.

It was a beautiful day in the rain, a special and unique opportunity and a day that I will never forget.

Special Thank You to our incredible PGD Team – Arthur Brown, Shana Booker, Tiffany Osborne, Sheila Dang, John Schenk, Jeffrey Meuzelaar, Jeffrey Zoss, Ron Aviles & Aaron Paulson!

XO, Seema

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