Flower & Lace Extensions

PicCollage-5Hey Fitness & Fashion Lovers,

I am kicking off Seema Style “Fitness & Fashion Week” with “Flowers & Lace Extensions!” I am wearing a cute flower one-piece made of a shiny and cool fabric that’s perfect for Spring! The lace accents give the outfit an extra flair and the lace is gorgeous with any outfit when paired correctly. The center of this one piece has elastic, so it makes it really easy to turn and come through the ball. Long sleeves are safe in the spring; we never know when it could get a bit chilly, and the flower pattern extends all the way down the sleeves. The green FootJoy glove pops with the outfit and the navy blue Titleist hat and Navy Blue ‘Seema Style” FootJoys bring everything together for a perfect and fashionable day on course.

PicCollage-5 copySeema Style Fitness Tip | It is a must to hit the gym; getting better at golf requires you to be stronger and to strengthen areas of your swing. I love my Valeo resistance extension cords; I have them in many colors and use them to hold my position at the top of my swing, feeling the burn in my core, arms and wrists. You can do this at home while watching TV; it is easy and fun! When you try this, notice your footwork as well. You can feel where your feet are transferring weight when you take the cord back. After practicing positions with the cord, I use my club and it feels like holding a feather. Focus on areas where you feel the burn, knowing that you are strengthening your positions at the top while helping your confidence when you hit a shot.

Let me know how this exercise works for you!

Xo, Seema



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