Joy To A Perfect Pair

PicCollage-4Hey Everyone,

Here is my “Perfect Pair” fashion and golf tip for you before the New Year!

I’m wearing a black and pink romper with decorative flowers.  Rompers are a fall fashion trend that is moving into the winter season as well.  Pink, being one of my favorite colors to wear year round, has become a trend in winter and is often paired with colors like black, white, silver and gold. I paired my romper with white and pink FootJoy shoes and a black Titleist visor to complement my romper!

Seema Style Golf Tip It’s always important to have some fun and challenge yourself when you are practicing your golf game. One of the best ways to do this around the greens is to have an “Up and Down” competition with yourself or with a playing partner.  Here’s how it works!

Step 1  From around the greens choose nine “tee box” locations that you will chip from – three easy, three medium and three challenging.

Step 2  Each hole is a par 2 and by playing all nine holes your short game challenge is a Par 18.

Click Here  “Today’s “Up & Down” Essentials”

Step 3 |  All you need is your two chipping clubs, your putter and one golf ball.

Step 4 The goal is to chip and putt as you would on the golf course, getting your ball “up and down” in as few strokes as possible.  This game will really help improve your short game around the greens.

Xo, Seema

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