Holiday Frillin’

IMG_9642Hey Holiday Lovers,

“Tis the Holiday Season to be Frillin!” 

Last month I did a festive photo shoot with Mega Media Entertainment at the beautiful Dragon Ridge Country Club in Las Vegas! We had so much and got Holiday creative with my ensembles!

Black is a staple color in my closet! It is one of my most favorite colors to wear to the gym, out with my friends, and on and off the golf course. Let’s just say, black is always a safe color to wear, even during the Holiday Season!

In this photo, I am wearing a black one-piece jumpsuit with long and flowing frills all the way down my sleeves. I just love the way the frills flow with my swing, creating such a unique look!

Seema Style Golf Tip |  A commonly asked question is where should the club be at the top of your swing? Your club should stop when your body has completed its turn and rotation; focus more on rotating your core, and let your arms set naturally. If you have properly hinged the club, it should look and feel as if the club is parallel to the ground.

Hope you all are Holiday Frillin’

Xo, Seema

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