Purple Power! #SeemaStyle #Fashion

PicCollage-4 copy 2Hey Everyone,

The Fall season is here and it’s my favorite time of the year!  I really enjoy spending early evenings at the course hitting drives in a nice cool breeze while watching the beautiful sunset. There’s something so calming and relaxing about this time of the year. Don’t you think?

Today’s featured outfit is a sleeveless jeweled purple dress I had purchased six years ago at a fashion convention in Florida. The designer was an indian lady who made the most beautiful and elegant dresses with lots of patterns, jewels and designs.  I had worn this dress to a friends wedding that same year and since then the dress has been hanging in the “purple” section in my closet.  As I was sifting through my dresses I knew this dress would be so cute on the golf course. It’s also the perfect fall color.

Seema Style Golf Tip | Your driver is a big scoring club. It’s the Driver that sets up your shot onto the fairway.  The more you are consistent with hitting the fairways the easier it is to shoot lower scores.

Step 1.  Set Up- Address your Driver to the golf ball. Make sure that your shoulders, feet and hips are parallel to your target. It’s important that through the set-up process you feel confident about your swing both mentally and physically before pulling the trigger. I always like to think of ONE word before I begin my swing. I usually is the word “trust” Say the word to yourself before pulling the trigger and I promise it can help with your confidence.

Step 2.  Good Extension – Having a good extension at impact and in your follow through is a must. Good extension means to have strong forearms and width through the golf ball. Good extension throughout the ball will allow your club to travel on a wide swing plane and creates a solid contact which will further have you hitting more fairways consistently.

Click HERE “Making An Impact” #TigerWoods #Golf

Hope you have a “Purple Power” Day!

Xo, Seema

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