VINTAGE GOLF #SeemaStyle #Fashion

PicCollage-4 copyMy ” Vintage Golf”Day!

Hi Everyone,

Fashion, Photography and Art are the three important ways I can express my outlook on golf and style. Through my images I try and tell a story and give my viewers a different perspective into the world golf.

I love going a few decades back in the fashion world and incorporating what fashion was then to what it would look like in today’s generation.

In the 80’s and 90s many brands used a “vintage” look by creating classic black and white images and commercials.  One of my favorite series of brand ads were from Guess back in the late 80’s early 90’s.  There is something so unique and classy about black and white photography and images when used appropriately, it adds a bit of mystery.  The images can feel as though they are timeless art pieces. When Dale and I had a shoot with photographer Erik Umphery, I wanted to incorporate that Guess look through a “Vintage Golf” shoot. I love to be creative and I wanted to be in a beautiful gown and him to be in a suit playing the role of a handsome caddy.

I am wearing a Michael Costello gown, hair and make up by Valen Reyes and we are shooting at Dove Canyon Golf Club, Orange County California.  Thank you Eric Umphery for making it all come together and his beautiful photography.

Xo, Seema




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