Seema_Style_NationalLipstickDay_BlogHey Lipstick Lovers,

Pucker Up because today is #NationalLipstickDay! I am not sure who started this day, but I can tell you that it’s a day that we as woman shall embrace and celebrate!

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Lipsticks are my most favorite beauty item in my cosmetic bag and my golf bag! Whenever I am on the golf course I always make sure to have three to four lipsticks or glosses in my bag so that I can keep my lips moisturized throughout the day while feeling pretty! From colored glosses to lipsticks I love experimenting with all the different colors to see what best fits my style and tone especially when depending on an outfit!

Seema Style Fun Fact | During World War II, all cosmetics except for lipstick were rationed. Winston Churchill decided to keep lipstick in production because he felt it had a positive effect on morale. Needless to say, lipstick sales did well during the war.

They’re are so many amazing brands from Drugstore Lipsticks to the luxurious high-end lipsticks! I love playing around with all kinds of brands, they make me feel equally as pretty and colorful:)

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Make sure you check your local Drugstores and Department Stores, as today they’re a lot of “Lipstick Sales” going on! Happy Lipstick Shopping!

Xo, Seema


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