When In Doubt Add Bling!

Seema_Style_WhenItDownAddBling_BlogHi Ladies,

I wanted to share with you some my favorite accessories on my wish  list that I would love to have sparkle!

If I could, I would bedazzle everything I own from my car, to my everyday outfits to all my accessories. I am wearing a fitted all sparkly black dress with the cutest frill around my waist. The dress is sparkle heaven, especially in the sun when I am golfing.

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My first favorite item I would like to share with you I found scrolling through my Instagram. These beautiful Jimmy Choo “Cinderella” Wedding heels are embellished from heel to toe with a finishing diamond piece of artwork on the toe:) I had to screen shot the image and store in away under my wedding portfolio for when that day comes! These Choo’s are a must have:)

Next, we have the car of my dream, a diamond studded 4.8 million dollar Mercedes-Benz driving gem! The car belongs to Prince Al Waleed from Saudi Arabia.                   FUNFACT: If you want to touch the Benz, it will cost you a 1,000 dollars:) #Yowzers

Last on my list of diamond goodies, is the elegant and perfectly studded Chanel handbag!  I would love to make this beautiful handcrafted bag my everyday purse 😉 Chanel is a classic. It is “THE” bag that us woman work very hard for so that we can spoil ourselves with something that will always make us smile and leave us feeling like a million bucks!

Hope you all have a sparkly day:)

Xo, Seema

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