Tie Dye Tuesday! #Fashion #Golf #Style

Seema_Style_TieDyeTuesday_BlogHey Everyone!

Today is Tie Dye Tuesday!

This is definitely one of my craziest and most colorful outfits I have worn on the golf course and I love it. The more colors I have on, the happier I feel!

This one piece Mirelle Activewear jumpsuit is the perfect compression performance material to swing freely and feel comfortable on the golf course. I paired my jumpsuit with one of my favorite “Seema Style” custom FootJoy shoes that has matching pinks and the perfect lime green to match my Tie Dye colors. I wore my navy blue Titleist visor with my “Seema Sparkle”  “Pink Key To My Heart”  Bonjoc ball marker to add a little shine and glitter to my ensemble.

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Seema Style Golf Tip:  LOVE TO LINE IT UP

STEP 1: Stand behind the ball and get a good idea of where you want to hit the ball in the fairway. From the target draw a visual line back to where you are standing, the line should be how you think the ball will fly to the target. See that line in your mind and focus on that line while you are behind the ball.

STEP 2: Pick an intermediate target a foot in front of you that is on your visual line to the ball. Align your club face to your intermediate target. Set your feet and shoulders parallel to your intermediate target and your club face so that you are confidently ready to execute your tee shot!

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Hope you are all having a great “Tie Dye Tuesday”

Xo, Seema

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