Kick-Off with Sterling Sharpe! #NFLWeek


Seema_Style_Sterling_SharpeHappy NFL Sunday!

So excited to “kick-off” my #NFLWeek with my best bud, superstar wide receiver and Hall of Famer, Mr. Sterling Sharpe! Sterling has had an amazing NFL career being one of only seven players in NFL history to win the “Triple Crown” at the receiver position!

What is the “Triple Crown” :  Leading the league in receiving yards, receiving touchdowns, and receptions.

Currently, Sterling is an NFL analyst for the NFL Network and does such a fab-job keeping the viewers knowledgeable and entertained!

Let’s catch up with Sterling and talk about Fashion, Family and having a successful career!

SEEMA STYLE: What are your favorite brands to wear when you are golfing?

STERLING SHARPE:  I like the Nike Brand because it’s free, they do a good job taking care of their athletes. It’s Nike man, all the way…

SEEMA STYLE:  Do you have a favorite golf accessory…

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