Leather on the Links!

Seema_Style_LeatherontheLinks_BlogsHey Leathers Lovers,

This past weekend was a blast on the golf course! My sister Nisha, my dad, Dr. J and I played golf at the beautiful Pacific Links ~ South Shore CC in Lake Las Vegas and couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day.

I had a lot of fun with my outfit that day by wearing a long sleeved leather dress with bottom frills and long black spandex! “Leather on the Links” could be my new thing to rock on the course! Leather material is unique, comfortable and flexible for on course performance and an course fashion statement!

Click here to see my golfing memories with my good friend Julius Erving

We had a fun cart match going during the round. I road with my dad and Nisha rode with Julius. The match was combined scored which always makes for fun match because it puts pressure on everyone to finish their shots and play well for their teammate.  I am sad to say that I let my teammate (dad) down. After being all square going into 18, I drove it into the hazard to lose the hole for us. #Whoops 🙂


Click here to see Julius Erving and my mention on US Weekly! 

This round of golf will be a long lasting memory for me, from the company to my outfit it will be a day and a perfect golf round that  I will never forget!

 Xo, Seema

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