Happy Holiday Head Warmer!

Seema_Style_HolidayHeadWarmer_BlogSeasons Greetings,

This is the time of year we all bundle up in style! Accessories play a big role in making or breaking an outfit and I can tell you one thing, head warmers are forever in style during the winter season!

I am wearing a black and sparkly flower knitted head warmer that I purchased a couple years ago from Forever 21! They are functional and comfortable to wear on the golf course or any outdoor activity you are planning to do during the Holiday Season.

Head warmers come in so many different colors and patterns and are easy to wear over a cap or visor! My favorite way to wear my sparkly flowered head warmer is usually in a high and tight ponytail or braid giving it a sporty look. There are so many ways to rock this look, so lets get festive this holiday with a stylish head warmer!

Click Here to check out my “Ear Muffs Are Golf-Fab” Feature!

Hope you are all staying warm and having a Happy Holiday!

Xo, Seema

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