Jay Harris Shops With A Cop! #TheReachFoundation


Greetings Everyone,

This passed week my good friend Jay Harris, his beautiful wife Stephanie and their amazing daughter Tyra attended The Reach Foundations “Shop With A Cop.” The event and experience was hosted at Target Shopping Center designed to bring local and state law enforcement officers and underpriviledged children together to come together, socialize, shop and provide guidance during the holiday season!

FUN FACT:  “The children shop for their families as well as children’s organizations from the community where the police officer serve. This unique shopping experience for the children is an opportunity that deters them for choosing a life of crime or violence. The participating children are identified by schools, youth organizations, and social services agencies.”

The event begins with a meet and greet dinner with the officers and the children! The dinner allows the children and the officers to get to learn about one another, spend time together and share laughs. Following the dinner,  the children participate in a law enforcement procession with flashing lights and sirens on the way to Target. At the store, the police officers help the children shop for their families, each other, as well as a child from the community where the police officer serve. It truly is a great experience for both the children and officers to give back, appreciate the community and enjoy the holiday season!


I spoke with Jay to learn about his experiences with Shop With A Cop, his Holiday favorites and his Christmas plans! Lets begin!

SEEMA STYLE:  What inspired you to attend Shop With A Cop?

JAY HARRIS:  I was inspired to attend Shop With A Cop because at the core it was assisting children in need. That’s the general mission of the Reach Foundation. Also it lets them see a side of law enforcement that’s rarely portrayed in the media. The human side.

SEEMA STYLE:  Tell me about the Shop With A Cop experience?

JAY HARRIS:  My wife, daughter, and sister went with me. (My son had a previous engagement.)  We met our “cop” partner at the pre-shopping reception, and an impressive 16 year old young lady (and her brother), and then went shopping!

SEEMA STYLE:  What did you learn from the event?

JAY HARRIS:  I learned that young people are golden. Our young lady was more concerned about her siblings than herself. Very humble. And she was budget conscious. She had a certain amount to spend, and she wanted to maximize it. And she took care of what she “needed”, and then got a few things she “wanted.”

SEEMA STYLE:  What advice would you give every child for the Holiday?

JAY HARRIS:  I don’t have any advice for children. My advice would be for adults. If you have the means, take care of our children. Even if you don’t think you have the means, every little bit helps. Then take that spirit of the holidays, and spread it through the whole year.

SEEMA STYLE:  What do you want from Santa for Christmas?

JAY HARRIS:  A consistently good golf game!

SEEMA STYLE:  What do you and the family have planned for Christmas?

JAY HARRIS:  My mom is coming to visit for a few days. We just plan to take a few minutes, and enjoy each other’s company.

SEEMA STYLE:  Favorite Holiday Candy?

JAY HARRIS:  Jelly beans!

Thank you Jay! Wishing you and the family a Happy Holiday!

Xo, Seema

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