Bunker Boutique!

PicCollage (3)Bunker Beauties,

Hitting shots into the sand trap also known as a “Bunker” is really fun! Not only do you get to spend time in the beach, but you get to play in the sand!

There are many techniques to hitting bunker shots and today I want to help you with how to hit a high bunker shot!  High bunker shots are good to hit when you are close to the lip of the bunker or if there is not a lot of green to work with because the flag is too close to the fringe!

FUN FACT:   What is a “Sandie?” A Sandie is when you hit a solid shot out of the bunker and you are able to convert your next shot which is your putt into the hole.

Here are your 5 easy steps to hit a high bunker shot:

Step 1.  Choose your wedge with the highest loft. Usually a 60 or 58 degree wedge would work perfectly. The higher the loft the higher you will be able to hit your shot.

Step 2.  Set up a bit open with your stance bringing your left foot forward and your right foot back. Keep your shoulders and waist line parallel to your feet. You should feel like you are aiming about three yards left of your target.

Step 3.  Your ball should be slightly forward in your stance. Forward means the ball should be closer to your left foot.

FASHION TIP:  I am wearing a black and tan sparkly mesh dress! I bought this dress at a boutique store in NYC and love that I can wear it practicing my bunker shots and to dinner with my girlfriends! I paired my black Titleist visor and my black and white patent leather FootJoys to give my fancy dress a sporty look.

Step 4.  Open your club face. Although your body will be aimed a bit left of your target, your club face should be be opened and aimed at the target. When you are ready to swing back, feel as though the club face will rotate more open towards the sky. Your back swing should feel like you are taking the club straight up and away from you.

Step 5. On the way down, your club face should remain open and your hands and grip soft and your head should stay down through the ball. Your club face should be making contact about a half an inch behind the golf ball.

A good way to practice this shot is by practice splashing sand up onto the putting surface!

Xo, Seema


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