A Date With My Putter

Hi PicCollage-1Ladies,

When I was playing on tour and practicing religiously I use to get creative with my practice regiments. It was important for me to understand that although it was a lot of work and time that I had to put into improving my golf game, it was important for me to make sure I was having fun and enjoying the moments!

Usually, every evening I would have “A Date WIth My Putter.” I would get dressed up in a cute outfit and around 5:00pm right when the sun was getting ready to set and the weather was getting cooler, I would head out to the putting green with my pretty pink Scotty Cameron putter! #Romantic!  I always made sure that I carried a cute bag that matched my outfit! Inside the bag I usually carried 3 Titleist golf balls, a few snacks, lip gloss and water:) The evenings are so nice to spend on the golf course. It’s a good time to have for yourself, to enjoy the fresh air and most importantly quiet time for just you and your date:)

Try taking some time and plan a date with your putter once a week. I promise you your putter will love you and your putts will drop!

Xo, Seema


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