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Hi Fitness Fashionistas,

Today is a very motivating day on Seema Style. I have one of my bestest friends Tina Lloyd talking Health, Fitness and Beauty! On November 15th, 2014 Tina will be entering The WBFF World Beauty Fitness and Fashion Inc. competition! #GOTINA!

The WBFF  is a diverse lifestyle brand, servicing the fitness, beauty, fashion, competitive sport, health, and wellness industries and is considered home to the most glamorous and most fit models in the world!

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Let’s get started:)

SEEMA STYLE: What is the process in gaining your Pro Card with the WBFF?

TINA LLOYD: The process for gaining your Pro Card with the WBFF varies at each event. The event in Miami is the WBFF’s debut in Miami. It is expected to be an amazing field of competitors flying in from all over the world. The WBFF puts on roughly 14 shows during the year in Canada, USA and Europe. The Worlds is the big event, in Las Vegas at the Cosmopolitan in the Summer. Typically the Top 2 places in each category, earn their WBFF Pro Card.

SEEMA STYLE: How is it different from when you gained your Pro Card for the LPGA Tour?

TINA LLOYD:  There are many differences with gaining your Pro Card with the WBFF and the LPGA but there are some uncanny similarities. Unlike the LPGA, the WBFF has a lot of events throughout the year that I can attempt to gain my Pro Status at each event if I wish. Although there are more opportunities to gain my status throughout the year, whereas Qschool is 1 week, the preparation leading up to the events are very similar. Early mornings of training and discipline and just staying focused. Just like a bad day on the golf course, there are bad days in the gym. Once I step on the stage, all that preparation comes to a fruition and you can either crumble or shine.

Also competing in the fitness industry, just like professional golf, is expensive but the opportunity to not only better my health but be an inspiration to my children and others is what keeps me going.

SEEMA STYLE:  What has inspired you to join the WBFF?

TINA LLOYD:  There are a lot of competitive fitness federations. NPC, IBFF, WBFF, and more. I chose the WBFF to compete because literally the BEST of the BEST compete with the WBFF. The girls that you see pinned over and over again on Pinterest, compete with the WBFF and only the WBFF gets you endorsements, magazine covers and an opportunity to grow your brand. I also love the tie in with fitness and fashion. A lot of federations stick with very strict posing, suits, and it can be cut-throat. The WBFF is more of like a Victoria’s Secret runway (from what I have been told). They are looking for someone who not only is physically fit, but who can strike a pose and be marketable on multiple levels and on various media outlets. The theme wear portion of the WBFF, is like the Victoria’s Secret Runway show. I am actually not competing in that category, but maybe one day I can!

SEEMA STYLE:  What does the word “Beauty” mean to you?

TINA LLOYD:  So cliche´but I believe beauty is an inward characteristic that comes out and shines to make you have an aura of beauty. Personality, charisma and heart, they are what I believe makes someone beautiful. When their heart shines on their smile, that is beauty. To me a beautiful person carries confidence and a certain poise. They are also charismatic, light up the room when they walk in.

SEEMA STYLE:  How do you stay so focused and motivated with 3 amazing sons?

TINA LLOYD:  It is not easy and I will be completely upfront and honest about that. I have a great support system with my husband, Rhys. We spoke at the very beginning of this journey and came to the agreement if the competition got in the way of our relationship or our family dynamic, I would throw in the towel. I go to the gym before they are even up and about once or twice a week, after I get home from work, they come with me to the kids club at the gym, but they love it. Some nights I do not even need to go for round 2 and they beg me. Family always comes first and there have been days I could not hit the gym because of that, and I just continue to push forward because it was out of my control. I will say that for anyone who might be reading this, and thinking about diving into it, you will lose friends and family members in the process. Some people do not understand. They see it as you walking in a bikini and being vain, which I can kinda understand, but a goal to be healthy is not the worst thing to have in the world. So if you want to do it, be aware it is likely going to happen to you. Whether a jealous friend gets envious of your drive and new healthy body or a family member who just doesn’t understand. Keep doing what you want to do and go after it!

SEEMA STYLE:  What is your eating routine like?

TINA LLOYD:  I can’t give away too many secrets but it is HEAVY in protein! Right now, I am just less than 3 weeks out. I am very low in carbs. One thing that has been consistent from Day 1 is 1-2 gallons of water consumption per day. I have had a different diet than my friend because I lean out quickly, so I have been a bit heavier on protein and carbs the last few weeks because I need them #gainz 🙂 I eat a lot though. I am eating 6-8x per day and there is typically less than 20g of carbs in each meal. Typical dinner for me is 4oz chicken, 4oz asparagus and a half of a sweet potato.

SEEMA STYLE:  What is your workout routine like?

TINA LLOYD:  I am in the gym at 5 am M-F. On M, W, F, I can only get in an hour and 10 min workout in. I have a coach, Sarah Hoey, who built out a plan based on my body type. Areas of concern for me were lower back, triceps, biceps and back. I do legs (glutes, hammies, quads) every other day and then the aesthetic muscles thrown in there with them (like triceps, lats, shoulders). We also incorporate HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). I did a lot of this in the beginning to drop weight but only just incorporated this back in. What this means is we superset an exercise with a movement such as 20 burpees or 20 box jumps.

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SEEMA STYLE:  How are you going to celebrate when you get your WBFF card?

TINA LLOYD:  Honestly if I get my pro card I would love nothing more than to sit with my friend Nikki, husband Rhys and my family and have a Miami Mojito and enjoy a big burger or slice of pizza. Probably pizza because carbs sound so amazing right now! I would want to goto bed somewhat early because I have been told that when you get your card with the WBFF, you typically have a photoshoot the next day. I will want to try and stay camera- ready but the burger or pizza, thats gonna happen!

SEEMA STYLE:  How can we follow you during the process?

TINA LLOYD:  The show will likely be posting photos on their Facebook Page.
You can follow along with me on Instagram or my website, Tina Lloyd Fitness.

SEEMA STYLE:  Have you planned your outfit for the competition? Is it sparkly?

TINA LLOYD:  I will need to wear not only a bikini but also an evening gown. As for both, they are planned and going through the final process at this point in time. They will be sparkly!!! I am going with South Beach pastel colors but yet will keep my boho/beach personal style into the designs.

SEEMA STYLE: This is where I have SERIOUS trouble. What do you do when you have a sweet tooth?

TINA LLOYD:  Sweet tooth…like anything it takes time to form a habit and I too had a sweet tooth. For most of this prep the only thing I could have was peanut butter and quest bars. They have been my go-to…my fave sweet tooth recipe is tablespoon of peanut butter and a dollop of sugar free cool whip. You take both and whip together it’s like mouses. Quest bars chocolate chip cookie dough is my favorite. They’re high in protein and barely any sugar/carbs. Also make sure before you grab that sweet that you are in fact hungry.  Most the time your body is thirsty, not hungry.

Thank you Tina! We are all going to cheer for you on November 15th, 2015! We are so proud of you:)

Xo, Seema

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