My Daddy’s First Hole-In-One! #Family #Golf #Fun

Daddy_Hole_In_OneHey Everyone,
Yesterday was a very special day for my family at Emerald Hills Golf & CC in Toronto, Canada! My dad had his FIRST Hole-In-One! He has been working exceptionally hard with his coach Justin Tomosulo on improving his golf game and boy did it ever pay off for my dad this summer!
My sister and I played golf with him last week and his golf game looks solid. We are both so proud of him!  I asked him a few questions about his big day!
SEEMA STYLE: How many years have you been playing golf?
DAD: I have been playing golf for the last 24 years. I love this game.
SEEMA STYLE: What was it like to have your first hole-in-one?
DAD: It was a great feeling. Seeing the ball disappear on the green, its an amazing feeling. Everyone always wants to experience a hole-in-one and to have that is incredible!
SEEMA STYLE: How far was the hole? What Iron did you hit?

DAD: Par 3: 138 yards, I hit a 8 iron.

SEEMA STYLE: How did you celebrate?

DAD: I was playing with my Coach Justin and Craig, we celebrated on the 19th hole in the clubhouse. Everyone that was at the course celebrated with me. We had Stella Beers and wine and it was a good time.

Visit to see Justin’s Instruction Video feat. My Dad!

SEEMA STYLE:  Did you keep the golf ball and scorecard?

DAD: Yes, I am going to frame my scorecard with my golf ball and put it in the basement with all the golf memorabilia, my daughters trophies and pictures!

SEEMA STYLE: Is this par 3 your new favorite hole at Emerald Hills CC?

DAD: I would say yes! Emerald has 27 holes, but, Forest number 7 will be my new favorite hole.

SEEMA STYLE: Who was the first person you called to tell you had Hole-In-One and what was their reaction?

DAD: My wife. (My mommy) When I called, I told her I won’t be coming home for dinner something special happened at the course, She is so smart, she knew right away “YOU HAD YOUR FIRST HOLE-IN-ONE!” She was really excited. Then I called Nisha and you.

I am so proud of you Daddy! Wish I could have been there to enjoy the experience with you and get a free cocktail:) I know that there are many more to come! Love you Dad!

Xo, Seema

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