Serena VS Seema! #Who Wore It Better!

Seema_Serena_Seema_StyleHey Tennis and Golf Lovers!

Today is S vs S, Serena vs Seema, #WhoWoreItBetter 🙂

Before I go into details of our fabulous and identical looks, I would like to start off by saying Serena Williams is a sports and fashion icon! Serena and her sister Venus have inspired me throughout my golf career to never be afraid to step outside the box and show people who you really are through fashion and style!

I’ve been very fortunate to have Venus send me a few pieces from her EleVen collection to rock on and off the course!

Today, Serena and I share the similar HOT Pink tennis dress look on the court and on the course! The dress is by Nike and designed by Serena! I love that the dress has a touch of neon green to add more color and pop to the outfit! Serena has chosen to wear a neon green hair tie, headband and spandex to match the back neon strip on the back of the dress. I have chosen to wear my neon green Footjoy shoes that I designed last year!

Checkout ZEBRA FAB! #EleVen #VenusWilliams #Tennis  

FUN FACT: Since 2004, Serena Williams has been running her own line of designer apparel called “Aneres” which is her first name spelled backwards. In 2009 she launched a signature collection of handbags and jewelry and her collection, called “Signature Statement”, is sold mainly on the Home Shopping Network (HSN)!

So the question is… Who Wore It Better? Serena vs Seema:) Tweet me at @Theseemasadekar and let me know your thoughts!

Love you all and hope you all have a HOT Pink day:)

Xo, Seema


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