Make-ME-UP! Artistry by Asha

Seema_Style_Make_Me_UpHey Beauty Queens,

Let’s talk beauty and make-up today! I have very special make-up artist and guestie today  that goes by the name Artistry by Asha! She has done my make-up several times and she always makes me feel like a Beauty Queen. My favorite part of our make-up sessions is that she teaches me fast flawless tricks and gives me easy make-up tips that I could use both on and off the golf course!

SEEMA STYLE: What are some of your favorite cosmetic products to use for the summer season?

ARTISTRY BY ASHA:  My favorite cosmetic to use in the summer is the highlighter by MAC Mineralize Skin finish, it is very Soft and Gentle with my skin and gives me a very special glow. I like to lightly glaze the highlighter above the cheekbones to enhance the cheekbones. Every women loves the high cheekbone look!

SEEMA STYLE: What is the importance of being and FEELING beautiful?

ARTISTRY BY ASHA: To love yourself is a beautiful thing. When you feel beautiful, everyone can feel it, and it changes the whole mood of a person.

SEEMA STYLE: How can you protect your skin from the sun?

ARTISTRY BY ASHA: Always use an SPF moisturizer before applying makeup. Make sure that you moisturize the neck as well.

FUN FACT: Even the hottest A-listers have flaws, I’m talking zits, bad eyebrows, you name it some probably have it. So yes, all of us women have one thing in common the love for  make-up and make-up artists to make  it all less noticeable for those special days!

Checkout Seema’s Suncreen choices: Sheer Sunscreen For A Clean, Fresh and Morning Face 

SEEMA STYLE: What’s a beauty tip you could share with every woman that loves to play golf or be outdoors?

ARTISTRY BY ASHA: Everyone, especially golfers, should re-apply sunscreen every two hours. Sunscreen is not as effective if it is not re-applied. It’s important to protect your skin from getting wrinkles and prevent aging in the future!

You can follow Artistry by Asha on Twitter: @ArtistrybyAsha

Hope all you Beauty Queens have a fabulous day!

Xo, Seema


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