Sock It To Me! #Light & #Bright

Seema_Style_Sock_It_To_MeSock It To Me Ladies!

Today I am wearing the cutest pair of neon socks to the gym!

Sock It To Me is one of my favorite brands of socks to wear on and off the course. They are super comfortable and super cute!

I love Sock It To Me‘s  “Kiss My” neon socks, they scream energy, fun and fierce!  That’s exactly how I feel when I am working out!

Sock It to Me has a variety of colorful, fun, and funky designs to chose from, and whenever you slip a pair on… It will make you smile and look pretty!  Do you see how a bright pair of socks can totally make your gym outfit stand-out?

FUN FACT: Every fall “SOCK IT TO ME” has an international contest that is open to everyone and anyone. Every region, culture, and person has a different idea for what should be on a sock and we want to see it all!

Seema_Style_Sock_It_To_Me_2Some of my favorite socks are the Cupcakes, Pocket Watch, Office Casual and the Toadstool!  They are all so unique and different and can be paired and matched to each and everyone’s personality!

“Just as much as I love being a “fashionista” on the course, I love being a “fashionista” in the gym!” – Seema 

My trainer Troy Meier and I are working on upper body strengthening, as I am trying to get stronger shoulders and forearms!  It’s always fun working-out with Troy, he helps me stay focused and motivated while sticking to a plan.

 VISIT Sock It To Me & Shop-Socks!

Hope you all have a fun and fashionable day at the gym! #SOCKITTOME

Xo, Seema

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