Sue Wong Fashion Show #RedCarpet #Love #FriendsWhoFashion

Seema_Style_Sue_Wong_April_17Hi Fashionistas,

I was recently asked to be a part of world renowned designer SUE WONG’s 2014 “Edwardian Romance” collection launch, and walk down her star studded Red Carpet! #LuckyMe

The event took place in beautiful Los Angeles at her atelier. It was by invite only and the event was filled with fashion editors from Lucky Magazine, LA Times, POP Sugar and more! #GirlyFab

I met some amazing photographers, stylists and the most amazing jewelry designer Joe Vilaiwan! Bling Bling:)

Sue’s 2014 “Edwardian Romance collection was extremely beautiful.  When I got to her fitting, I had over 100 gowns from short to long to choose from!  I felt like a fairytale princess when trying on all the gorgeous gowns~

Seema Sadekar arriving to the Sue Wong Fall 2014 Runway Fashion Show

I could only chose one, so I sifted through all the dresses carefully.  I noticed how much of an imagination Sue has to create such incredible pieces.  Her bead work and various cuts are unique, each gown was well thought out, had character and precision.  I loved how each piece in the 2014 collection exuded romantic glamour!

Seema_Style_Sue_Wong_April_CollageThe dress I chose was wedding-gown-like, with diamond beading and a gracious flow.  I truly felt like an Edwardian Angel~ especially while walking the red carpet.

“As we walked, there were flashing lights, cameras and photographers, it was very special to be apart of Sue Wong’s event.  I will never forget this incredible experience.” – Seema Sadekar

Once the fashion show started each model and each dress was perfect!  Sue’s fans applauded, snapped pictures and even made a few whistle and clap noises every time her models walked the runway. The show was perfection!  After the fashion show was over, I was very honored to meet with Sue and thank her for having me be a part of her Edwardian Collection experience!

A magical day filled with magical moments… Thank you Sue Wong~

Xo, Seema

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