Golfaholics & Shopaholics!

Seema_Style_Golfaholic_ShopaholicHey Golfaholics & Shopaholics!

Can you think of a better hobby than to golf and shop?  I know I can’t!!! 🙂

Golf and Shopping for me is mixing business with pleasure!

Whenever I go play golf and it’s not a competitive round, I usually take a golf cart! Golf carts are so much fun to drive and customize a day of golf and glam…

My cart is always filled with lip glosses, my sparkly cell phone, (in the cup holder of course) car keys, some sort of sweater/throw, my purse, lots of tasty snacks and of course… and my sparkly golf bag!

Make sure to fill your golf cart with fun things that represent you!

“It’s definitely A party in my golf cart-y!” – Seema Sadekar

Whenever I do a shoot on the course, my cart looks like a shopping mall!  For this particular shoot that I did in 2012, I decided to get creative and feature my golf cart filled with all my goodies because it screamed fashion!  I wore one of my favorite black and silver sparkly dresses with splashes of tan!  I surrounded myself with a articles of dresses, shoes, bags, cosmetics, electronics, equipment and golf accessories.  It was insanely fun!

Check out “My Sparkly Bag” feature!

Hope all you Golfaholics & Shopaholics have an amazing day!

XO, Seema

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