Going CoCo-Nuts With My Hair!

Seema_Style_Coconuts_HairHi Hair Goddesses!

Spring is here and the Summer is near!

As golf courses start to open up north and we all start to get back into outdoor activities, it’s important we take care of our hair.  The sun has a tendency of damaging hair, so I want to share with you an Indian Golf Goddess hair secret!

As a child, my mom introduced me to Parachute Coconut Oil (an Indian brand).  She would warm the oil and massage it into our scalp and hair!  She still reminds us that it’s the best way to maintain healthy and strong hair.

FUN FACT: Coconut oil is one of the few foods that can be classified as a “superfood.”

I have really thick and wavy hair, and while living in Las Vegas during the summer with 115 degree heat/dry desert, I try and apply coconut oil once every 3-4 weeks!  It’s a great mask to protect the shine and maintain moisture in my hair!

If I have a photo shoot or an event to attend, I usually put coconut oil in my hair 2 to 3 days before.  You can see how shiny and smooth my hair looks while getting styled!

ANOTHER FUN FACT: Coconut Oil not only protects your hair, but also moisturizers your skin and can function as a sunscreen!

4 Easy Steps on how I apply Coconut Oil in my Hair:

Step 1:  Apply continuous quarter sized amounts of Coconut Oil to damp/towel-dried hair.  Use your hands to massage/rub/spread that quarter size amount as needed to cover your hair.

Step 2:  Work your way up, start with your ends, working your way up to the root and scalp.

Step 3:  Clip your hair up & Leave in your hair for 2-3 hours! (Sidenote: I usually do this in the evening so I can have a glass of wine, play on social media or read a book)

Step 4:  You will notice your hair to be a bit greasy.   Wash thoroughly with shampoo twice, and then condition and scrub well.  If you notice a slight oily-residue remaining after the first rinsing, don’t worry this is normal and will easily come out in the next wash.

Step 5:  Enjoy your shine!

Get Coco-nutty with your hair!

Love you guys! Xo, Seema


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